Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 1 2015/2016

A. Choose the correct answer br crossing A,B,C or D !



Look the map to answer the questions no. 1-3 you start from “East Street”
Wahid : Excuse me, where is city hall?
Achmad : ….(1) the East street ..(2) when you find a crossroad. The city Hall is … (3) the bookstore.
1. A. go straight
B. turn right
C. turn around
D. stop

2. A. turn right
B. turn left
C. go straight
D. go down

3. A. between
B. near
C. across
D. behind

4. July 31 st. It is July the …
A. thirty first
B. thirteenth first
C. thirth first
D. thirty third

5. Twenty second
A. 32 nd
B. 42 nd
C. 22 nd
D. 52 nd

6. Aqila : When is Indonesian Independence Day? (Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia)
Aziz : It is August the …
A. seventeeth
B. seventieth
C. seventh
D. twenty seventh

7. Anindya : There is festival in the town. Lets go see it.
Fadhilah : …. Accepting
A. Sory, I have other plan
B. Its very sorry that i cant go to festival with you
C. iam not sure, i can go there
D. Thats good idea to go there. I agree with you

8. Adam : ….
Rifqi : Good! iam really hungry right now

A. Lets have alunch at my house
B. We better go home now
C. Thank you for coming
D. Will you go to the drugstore with me?

9. Azzam : Would you please come to the cinema tonight with me?
Rayyan : …(Rejecting)
A. Yes, I would
B. Oh, Id like to but I have another plan
C. Your invitation is very interisting. I like it
D. Yes, Iam very glad

10. She has …english book in her school bag.
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article

11. That is …science book.
…. book is mine.
A. a – an
B. the – an
C. a – the
D. an -the

12. Abbas : Do you mind if play basketball this afternoon mom?
Mother : … You still have a homework. You may play basketball when your homework is clear.
Abbas : Ok, mom
A. No problem
B. Of course not
C. Not at all
D. Yes, I mind

13. Farah : … (izin meminjam bolpoin)
Nabilah : Of course not, you can take it right now
A. Do you mind if I borrow your pencil?
B. Do you mind if I borrow your pen?
C.  Do you mind if I borrow your bag?
D.  Do you mind if I borrow your ruller?

14. He is the …in my class (tertinggi).
A. tallest
B. fastest
C. slowest
D. shortest

15. Hamzah : How about having a picnic this wekeend, Imam?
Imam : …that will be nice
A. I dont think so
B. I disagree with you
C. I agree with you
D. I dont agree with you

B. Answer the questions correctly!

1. You start from “fisrt street”

Aziz : Excuse me, whre is the post office?
Hamdi : Go straight you turn right post office beetwen store and drug store.

2. 40 th : fourtieth

3. 53 rd : fifty third

4. 33rd : thirth

5. Fatihah : Would you please come to my house to study together?
Syfa : Yes I would

6. You should bring an umbrella. It is rainning.

7. The baby drinks, a glass of milk.

8. If – sit down- you- mind- I – here – Do-? Do you mind if I sit down here?

9. English – easy – language – the – is :  English is the easy language.

10. Nida : Hey, look at may new shoes, isnt cool?
Fatimah : Yeah, I absolutely agree with you, your shoes is so cool.

C. Answer the questions correctly!

1. Fift first : 41 st
Fouteenth : 14th

2. Mr Sam is my uncle. He is an accountant.
A woman is my mother. she is a teacher.

3. Mom, Do you mind if I use the computer?
No dear you cant. Its time to go to bed.
Okay Mom, Do you mind if I read story before sleep?
Sure! But try to sleep early
Thanks a lot Mom!

4. Elephant is the biggest (big) animal
I cant do the task. It is the difficulest (difficult) one.

5. Complete the dialogue using the expression in the box.
a. i dont think thats a good idea
b. ok, i agree

Ahsan : How about playing football in the street?
Farhan : Ok, I agree. I think it will be better if we are playing in the field.
Ahsan : I dont think thats a good idea.

*Soal ditulis ulang untuk pembelajaran anak di semester berikutnya, karena jika mengandalkan kertas biasanya langsung dikasihkan kerombeng atau malah buat bahan gambar atau sobek dan berakhir entah dimana*. 😀

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